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The Ultimate Fighter: McGregor vs. Faber episode 3 discussion

Tonight, episode 3 of the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. Join us for live discussion right here.

Tonight, join us right here for live discussion of episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber. As always, the show airs on Fox Sports 1 at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Two weeks in to TUF 22, and I have to say, it's entertaining so far. There's a charm to the Conor MsGregor vs. Urijah Faber banter, and I love that current level of "we're kind of joking, but it masks the fact that we hate each other" vibe between them. Plus, I'm all in for seeing more of McGregor's coaching techniques - he's a unique fighter with a specific view on how to be successful in the UFC, and I want to hear more of that.

But the real highlight so far has been the emergence of Ryan Hall. Two weeks, two Ryan Hall fights, two first round heel hook submissions. He's been all kinds of entertaining to watch in the cage, and this past week we found out he's a very engaging personality as well. Go ahead and mark him down as the clear breakout star of the season already. Of course, the one downfall of Hall going 2-0 in the opening weeks is that it means some time before we see him fight again. Bummer.

Highlights of Hall vs. Slioa are above.

This week: Chris Gruetzemacher vs. Sascha Sharma. Chris (whose last name I opted not to spell out again) is a very impressive 12-1 and fights out of the MMA Lab, home to Ben Henderson among others. Sharma is 7-2 and fights out of Kong's Gym in Germany. You have to give the serious edge to Gritz here, as Team Faber looks to improve to 2-0.

Here are the current standings:

Team McGregor (Europe) 0-1: Abner Lloveras, David Teymur, Frantz Slioa 0-1, Marcin Wrzosek, Martin Svensson, Mehdi Baghdad, Sascha Sharma, Saul Rogers

Team Faber (United States) 1-0: Billy Quarantillo, Chris Gruetzemacher, James Jenkins, Jason Gonzalez, Julian Erosa, Ryan Hall 1-0, Thanh Le, Tom Gallicchio

Join us tonight for TUF 22.

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