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If I Did It: UFC covered for Belfort? Faber vs Bang, Fedor & the Yakuza

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Alexei Auld throws MMA's hardest PR questions at Kid Nate + Eugene S. Robinson. In this week's episode: Fedor and the Yakuza-linked Pride promoter are returning to Japan on NYE; Urijah Faber drops some bombs on Duane "Bang" Ludwig; the UFC is accused of covering up for Vitor Belfort and letting him fight despite some pretty high T levels before UFC 152.

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Once again I'm back with my co-host extraordinaire Eugene S. Robinson, author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking and I brought back attorney and author Alexei Auld to grill us with some PR stumpers from the world of combat sports.

Today's puzzlers include:

  • You're Nobuyuki Sakakibara, former Pride boss, driven out of MMA for using Yakuza goons to threaten a fight manager over Fedor jumping to a competing promotion for the 2003 New Year's Eve show. You're returning to action and you sign....Fedor....good luck charm?

  • You're Bang Ludwig. Your former boss at Team Alpha Male goes on the MMA Hour and rips you for a solid hour accusing you of being a money-grubbing, sexist and racist bully. How do you respond?

  • You're the UFC, old nemesis Josh Gross has a scoop in Deadspin alleging that you knowingly allowed Vitor Belfort to fight Jon Jones for the title at UFC 152 despite a urine test that showed remarkably elevated testosterone levels. What do you do?

  • You're Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceutical, raised prices on a needed HIV med from $13 to $750 a pill. NY Times puts you on blast. Social media lynch mob follows. What do you do?

  • You're UK PM David Cameron and you're accused of putting your dick in a dead pig's mouth as part of an elite secret society initiation ritual...what do you do?

  • Plus a surprise curveball!

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