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'Huh?!' Watch Floyd Mayweather's reaction to Nick Diaz's 5-year suspension

Watch how Floyd Mayweather reacted after finding out about Nick Diaz and his ridiculous 5-year suspension.

For some reason, Jeff Mayweather was at the Mayweather Boxing Club asking people for reactions about Nick Diaz's insane 5-year suspension after testing positive for marijuana.

Among the many personalities he spoke to was his nephew Floyd Mayweather himself. The recently retired top boxer admitted he didn't know who Nick Diaz was, but as soon as the situation was explained to him, he seemed dumbfounded about it all.

"Huh?!", Floyd exclaimed. "Man, let that man smoke weed and enjoy his life!"

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Jeff also went on to get answers from those in the gym such as former champ Ishe Smith, other boxers, managers, and cut men.

"Multiple offender, but damn that's rough," The Contender star Smith said. "That's cold. You'd think about the people actually doing stuff that hurt the sport, like steroids, they're only getting like a year or 6 months. Cocaine isn't on the list too."

Watch the entire clip above for reactions from the different personalities in boxing.

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