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Submission Radio: Bellator Dynamite, WSOF 23, Fedor signing + Nick Diaz suspension

This week on Submission Radio, Frank Trigg and MMA Fighting's David St. Martin join Kacper and Denis to discuss Bellator & Glory: Dynamite 1, WSOF 23, Fedor's signing, and Nick Diaz's controversial suspension.

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Submission Radio decides to switch things up this week and dedicate a show to the current hot topics in MMA. Joining us in our roundtable discussion are none other than UFC hall of famer Frank Trigg and MMA Fighting's David St. Martin.

As always, the video above features clickable annotations and timestamps, and below is a rundown of what to expect on the episode. We hope you enjoy the show.

MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer Frank Trigg returns to Submission Radio to help break down Bellator & Glory: Dynamite 1 (starts at the 42:11 mark) and what to make of Scott Coker's MMA/Kickboxing spectacle.

Frank talks about the production value, what worked and what didn't work, how it compared to the old school Pride FC shows, and whether or not the show could've had more of a 'Scott Coker' twist to it. With his vast knowledge of the sport, Trigg also weighs in on the main card MMA fights and what his biggest takeaways were. Aside from his analysis of the fights themselves, the former UFC title challenger gives insight into the personalities and mindset of certain fighters, including Tito Ortiz, Liam McGeary, and Emanuel Newton.

Trigg also sticks around to give his thoughts on Fedor Emelianenko signing with Nobuyuki Sakakibara's new Japanese promotion (at the 1:13:20 mark), if Fedor will eventually end up in the UFC, as well as his take on Nick Diaz's lengthy suspension and if it was the right decision (at the 1:21:40 mark). Kacper and Denis round out the discussion by weighing in on whether or not Japanese MMA has enough life in it to still be successful (at the 1:28:01 mark), possible opponents for Fedor to fight, and if Nick Diaz's suspension was rightly deserved (at the 1:34:45 mark).

Also on the show,'s David St. Martin helps break down World Series of Fighting 23: Gaethje vs Palomino 2.

David joins Kacper and Denis (at the 4:27 mark) to talk about such fights as Justin Gaethje vs Luis Palomino and how it stacked up against the first one, David Branch beating Teddy Holder to hold both the middleweight and light heavyweight belts simultaneously, Timur Valiev vs Tito Jones, Phoenix Jones' bizarre submission win over Roberto Yong, Brian Foster's brutal KO of LaRue Burley, and the controversial finish to Vagab Vagabov vs Brian Grinnell. Also, no discussion of WSOF 23 would be complete without weighing in on just how Chael Sonnen did on his first night as a WSOF commentator.

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