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Edgar believes win over Mendes will earn him a title shot

"The Answer" talks about his upcoming fight against Chad Mendes, Conor McGregor, and his title aspirations.

Frankie Edgar missed the biggest payday of his life and a chance at UFC gold when Chad Mendes was chosen over him as a replacement for the injured Jose Aldo at UFC 189. The former lightweight champion will now face Mendes at the TUF 22 Finale in December and hopes to finally earn his shot at the featherweight crown.

"I threw my name in there. I thought, if Aldo wasn't fighting, it would have been me," Edgar recalls the moment, when realized, it wouldn't be him who jumps in against McGregor (via "I was disappointed when Chad got the nod, but that's the way it goes, he got his opportunity and I'm gonna get mine.

"I think I will (get a title shot), barring a rematch (between) those guys. I think I'm the next guy in line."

Until then, McGregor could already be the undisputed champion. Many argue that the brash Irishman is either blessing or curse for the weight class. Edgar believes the former.

"He doesn't say much about me, I mean he talks lot, but he talks a lot about everybody, so you can't take anything he says too personal. You throw enough sh*t at the wall, something is gonna stick, and he's that type of guy. But he's brought a lot of attention to the division, so that's a good thing. The more eyes on the division, the more I can come out looking good."

More eyes mean more money. Nevertheless, Edgar doesn't is not too concerned with whom he will be face ahead of a title fight.

"I don't care, I wanna fight for the title," Edgar said. "I gotta make sure I take care of business December 11, and then whoever has it, that's what I'm coming for."

You can watch the whole video above.

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