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Roundtable: What freakshow fight should Bellator book?

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Bellator 142: Dynamite is in the books and it featured some fun fights alongside some less fun fights. But, interestingly, for an event that drew so many eyes with it's oddness of format, it didn't really have much in the way of strange matchmaking... apart from the 1-night tourney angle. So, what's the flavor the Bellator is missing? The BE staff discuss.

Robert Laberge/Getty Images

At this point, when I'm sitting down to watch a Bellator "tent pole" event, I'm preparing myself for some weirdness. Bellator has collected a number of interesting fighters, including Tito Ortiz, Bobby Lashley, James Thompson, Ken Shamrock, Kimbo Slice, and several others. Most recently they announced a partnership, of sorts, to broadcast Fedor's MMA return on Spike, maybe even hinting at the potential for some crossover action. With the talent kicking around in the Bellator cage already, and out on the regionals, Bellator should be able to line up some quality freak fights, right?

And that question is at the root of our latest Bloody Elbow Roundtable, as the staff has gotten together to answer the question that has baffled man throughout the ages. What freakshow bouts would you most like to see Bellator make happen? With the plan to make Dynamite an annual event, what kind of headliners could make the show really shine?