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Video: Tito Ortiz taps to reverse triangle from Liam McGeary at Bellator: Dynamite

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Watch Liam McGeary submit Tito Ortiz during their Bellator title fight at Dynamite.

On the main event of Dynamite, Tito Ortiz took on Liam McGeary as he tries to be a champion once again late in his career. Unfortunately, despite a competitive start, Ortiz succumbed to a reverse triangle from the Brit. Here's a snippet from our play-by-play:

R1: Ortiz doubles up on his jab and lands the second. Ortiz heaves a one-two but follows behind it with a single leg; he half-completes it as McGeary falls back for a sacrifice guillotine. Ortiz slips his head out and tries to peel McGeary off the cage. Ortiz finagles wrist control and gets the seatbelt, then pops McGeary in the head with a left. Now a trifecta of hard lefts to the head from Ortiz.

Ortiz goes to the body lock to prevent McGeary from sitting up on the cage, dragging him to his back. McGeary floats a leg up high, close to omoplata position, but Ortiz slips his head out and passes to side mount. McGeary goes for the unorthodox armbar while side-mounted and nearly gets it. Now McGeary slings a leg over and gets in inverted triangle position, and amazingly forces the tapout.

Liam McGeary defeats Tito Ortiz by submission (inverted triangle) R1 4:41

Watch how it all unfolded below: