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Holly Holm providing hope to Cris Cyborg's bantamweight goals

UFC women's bantamweight title challenger Holly Holm discusses her interactions with Cris Cyborg on the set of the movie they're currently filming.

Holly Holm was put into a pretty awkward position recently - two days after finding out that she was fighting Ronda Rousey for the UFC women's bantamweight title, she was scheduled to film a movie with the women who had originally been granted the spot and another lady that many fans want to see in the spot. But in an interview with Sherdog, Holm stated that her interactions with Miesha Tate and Cris Cyborg were very cordial. In fact, she believed that she gave Cyborg some hope in regards to her oft-stated goal to make 135 pounds:

"We took a picture and she looked at the picture and said, ‘You're the same height as me, how tall are you?" I said ‘I'm 5-8.' She said, ‘I'm 5-8. There's hope I can do this,'" Holm recalled.


"She kept telling us the whole time, "I'm not a mean person.' I knew she would be really nice. She was actually really funny and really personable. I had a really good time with her," Holm said.

"She's got a good lighthearted personality about just everything. I want her to do well," Holm continued. "She's a very strong girl, a very big girl. I know that she's trying very hard. She really wants to come down to the division."

She also stated that Tate and her talked about the "elephant in the room" regarding the title shot early on, and it was never an issue after that. While it might seem a bit unbelievable, she insists that they all got along great:

"I'm telling you, the three of us actually had a really good time on set," Holm said. "We all went and ran the Rocky steps [in Philadelphia] together."

Holm meets Rousey at UFC 193 in November.

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