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McGregor: I'll move to lightweight after Aldo, depending on Edgar performance

Conor McGregor says that he will be done with the 145-pound division after he beats Jose Aldo, but he might stick around for one more fight.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As usual, UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor threw out some pretty brash comments at a media lunch in Los Angeles today. McGregor will face Jose Aldo in a title unification fight at UFC 194 on December 12th, and he claims that he'll be done with the featherweight division after he defeats the man he was supposed to face at UFC 189 (via MMA Fighting):

"I'm hoping Jose will show up. I'm going to retire him, end his career, and then I've done what I've said I'll do. I said I'm going to kill the featherweight division, there's nobody left."

There was one caveat to that though - Frankie Edgar. The former lightweight champ meets Chad Mendes the night before UFC 194 at the TUF 22 Finale, and McGregor stated that he's willing to fight Edgar if he puts it on Mendes:

"If Frankie was to put on a phenomenal performance and stop Chad, or maybe something like that, then I can say, alright, let's answer the Frankie question, let's shut him down real quick," McGregor said. "But in my mind, I'm thinking, I'm going to unify the belts, I'm going to destroy the division, and then I'm going to take the lightweight division as well. That's where I'm headed right now."

After bragging about all the money he makes for a while, he took a shot at the two men facing off for the lightweight title later on in December - champion Rafael dos Anjos and challenger Donald Cerrone:

"I wouldn't want to fight a lightweight guy to get the numbers because who the f---, Rafael (dos Anjos) has nothing, Donald (Cerrone) has nothing," McGregor said. "Rafael will be looking to make six figures this fight, and rightfully so. He shouldn't even make six figures, because he doesn't even bring in six figures. Donald will scrape six figures because he shows up and fights every couple of weeks. But he don't earn much more than that. I already have the numbers, so when I go to the lightweight division, it will be to gain more gold, to warm up my other shoulder."

The hype has officially began for the December 12th event in Vegas, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more in the coming weeks. Much, much more.