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The UFC Cutting Room Floor: Separating out the chaff

Zane Simon takes a look at the fighters who ended up on the chopping block for the month of August including Ildemar Alcantara, Andrew Craig, Darrel Montague, and Dan Miller. Along with retirements of Big Nog, Jordan Mein, and Frankie Perez. Oh and maybe take a look at a few signings too.

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August was a big month in UFC roster trimming. As of September 2nd, 17 fighters that were in the UFC a month ago now aren't. That includes some retirements, a fighter finishing his contract, and then a whole bunch of cuts. That last batch includes the release of Niklas Backstrom, Ildemar Alcantara, Cody Gibson, Andrew Craig, Royston Wee, and six others. So, check out the show to get the skinny on all the fighters no longer in the UFC and a quick update on the fighters that have just stepped in to take their places.

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