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Bellator: Dynamite 1 results - King Mo, Phil Davis advance to tournament final

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Check out the results of the two light heavyweight tournament semifinals that kicked off the main card at Bellator: Dynamite 1 in San Jose, California.

Bellator MMA

Bellator: Dynamite 1 began with fireworks, the voice of Lenne Hardt, and a grand entrance for a huge night for Bellator MMA and GLORY kickboxing. Beginning the super event was the four-man light heavyweight tournament semifinals, and here's how they played out.

Muhammed Lawal def. Linton Vassell via decision

A big right hand dropped Vassell inside 30 seconds, but Mo didn't pounce on the wobbly Brit. Vassell surprisingly went for a takedown, which the superior wrestler easily stuffed. He made good use of his right hand and backed Vassell up multiple times. After another stuffed takedown, Lawal dropped Vassell again with a counter-left hand. He swarmed on him and kept wailing away, briefly slipping in the process while looking for the finish. Another right hand knocked Vassell down but he survived the round.

Lawal seemed to content to coast through much of the 2nd round and maybe wanted to conserve energy. Vassell found some success with kicking from range and jabbing, but the dramatics were saved for the final minute when Vassell slammed King Mo to the ground and worked for a submission, only for Lawal to escape and slam Vassell back. The judges sided with Lawal to advance to the tournament final, although scorecards weren't read out.

Phil Davis def. Emanuel Newton via submission (kimura) at 4:39 of round 1

Newton and Davis didn't do much in the opening 90 seconds until Davis took Newton down and had his back. He didn't have the second hook in and Newton wriggled free, only for another takedown into side control. Davis continued to outwrestle and outgrapple Newton until he locked in a nasty kimura, which the former Bellator champion couldn't miraculously wriggle himself out of.