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Video: Fedor discusses return to MMA, ongoing negotiations and favourite Russian fighters

Legendary Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko spoke to’s Luke Thomas about a wide variety of topics including his ongoing negotiations, his return to MMA, and his favourite Russian fighters.

Although Fedor Emelianenko seemingly remains a free agent, he was dressed in a blazer fielding questions from pundits during Bellator's media day ahead of the Dynamite show.

Speculation regarding his potential signing to either the UFC or Bellator may hav run rampant over the past few weeks, but the ‘Last Emperor' had little to add with regards to ongoing negotiations. He informed's Luke Thomas that the announcement could be made anytime in the next three weeks, which contradicts the fighter's previous claim that the announcement would be made this weekend.

Fedor, who tried his best to carry the conversation in English, also offered his thoughts on his return to MMA and his favourite Russian fighter to watch.