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Technique of the Week: BJJ champion shows Arm Lock on UFC lightweight

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UFC lightweight Jake Matthews and 4th degree BJJ black belt Carlos Vieira show you how to overcome your opponent's grip strength and Kimura defense in Submission Radio's "Technique of the week".

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Are you sick and tired of getting your opponent in a vulnerable position, only to not be able to finish a basic Kimura? Well fear not, because UFC lightweight Jake Matthews and multiple-time BJJ champion Carlos 'Portuguese' Vieira team up again to show you a solution!

Jake is currently set to face Akbarh Arreola in the main event of the UFC 193 prelims, and is also a BJJ brown belt with four submission wins to his name (two in the UFC). Carlos meanwhile, is a 2x Pan-American champion, a 2005 Brazilian champion and a 2x Pan-Pacific champion. He also has hands that look like they could be used to crush small cars.

This week on Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week", Carlos demonstrates a maneuver on Jake that would normally lead to a successful Kimura lock from the north/south position. Jake however defends the move, and Carlos instead switches to the "Ude Garami" arm lock variation, which forces the tap. This alternative is great for when you're facing opponents who may have a strength advantage and a strong grip.

Enjoy the video above, and happy training.

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