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Three Amigos Podcast: Chael Sonnen, Liam McGeary, Stephen Quadros & Linton Vassell

The Three Amigos Podcast is back with their second, mammoth show of the week. This one features Chael Sonnen weighing in on a variety of hot topics, Liam McGeary ahead of his bout with Tito Ortiz, Stephen Quadros on everything & Linton Vassell on the Bellator LHW tourney.

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Three Amigos Podcast

We're back with a brand new episode for the second time this week. Episode 17 of the Three Amigos Podcast features Chael Sonnen, Liam McGeary, Stephen Quadros and Linton Vassell discussing all manner of MMA topics. This is our most packed episode, covering a lot of ground, so we hope you enjoy our efforts. Here's a rundown of the content:

Retired UFC middleweight superstar, Chael Sonnen (interview starts at the 24:05 mark of the audio) gives his take on Nick Diaz' 5 year suspension, discusses the deal he has with Diaz to sell the #FreeNickDiaz shirts, PED issues with the Nevada Athletic Commission, his take on TUF coaching, Fedor's return, where Miesha Tate fits in the women's division, the presidential race, Floyd Mayweather's undefeated run in boxing, his new commentary role with WSOF, what he wants his legacy to be and much more.

Bellator light-heavyweight champion, Liam McGeary (interview starts at the 1:11:50 mark of the audio) discusses his upcoming bout with Tito Ortiz, his jiu-jitsu game, where British camps might be lacking, unique training techniques, his desire to be a "baddie" in the movies and much more.

Glory commentator, actor and rock band drummer, Stephen Quadros aka The Fight Professor (interview starts at the 1:24:10 mark of the audio) stops by for an in-depth interview where he discussed how he almost became a member of the supergroup KISS, some fun rock and roll stories including a house party where music mogul and convicted murderer Phil Spector ended up waving guns around and making threats at the guests, his take on the current MMA landscape, favorite and least favorite fights, thoughts on the Reebok deal and much more.

Bellator light-heavyweight contender, Linton Vassell (interview starts at the 2:46:45 mark of the audio)fielded questions on his upcoming spot in Bellator's 4-man, 1 night LHW tourney, what his career would be outside MMA, his thoughts on MMA media coverage and more.

The hosts discuss the Nick Diaz suspension, issues with the Nevada Athletic Commission, Floyd Mayweather's fight and other boxing from the weekend, the Bellator Dynamite card and more.

Follow our Twitter accounts: Stephie HaynesThree Amigos PodcastIain Kidd and Mookie Alexander. The show is available right here or via the embedded player below.