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Glory title fight ready to steal the show at Bellator Dynamite

It's a big weekend for Bellator with their Dynamite show taking place Saturday - here's a look at what is primed to be the fight of the night. Spoiler: it's not a Bellator fight at all.

This week, the eyes of the MMA community are firmly on Bellator, as the company presents their first ever "Dynamite" show this Saturday, September 19 live on Spike. Bellator is getting a lot of attention for Dynamite, as the company presents a mixture of Bellator MMA and Glory kickboxing fights, a one night four man tournament, plus a Tito Ortiz main event. There's a lot to draw your attention, no doubt. But interestingly, what stands to be the fight of the night isn't even a Bellator fight at all.

Saulo Cavalari vs. Zack Mwekassa may not be the fight MMA fans are most knowledgeable about, but it is absolutely the one they should be the most excited about.

Cavalari and Mwekassa square off in a rematch for the Glory Light Heavyweight title - a title currently sitting vacant after Gokhan Saki left the organization earlier this year. If you're not sure why you should be so looking forward to this fight, consider this:

  • Cavalari is a Brazilian striking beast. Hailing from the mecca of Brazilian combat sports violence, Curitiba, Cavalari is a dynamic, aggressive fighter with terrific technical striking skills. He's 5-1 in Glory, with his only loss coming against the superb Tyrone Spong. A year ago, at Glory 18, he upset the heavily favored and top ranked Danyo Ilunga, and has looked unstoppabe ever since.
  • Mwekassa is one of the most powerful punchers in kickboxing today. The occasional pro boxer is 3-1 in Glory, with all 3 wins coming via violent (and I do mean VIOLENT) KO. He is still likely best known for his Glory debut where he turned off Pat Barry's lights, but that is just the tip of the iceberg on his highlight reel. Here's his decapitation of Brian Collette:

  • In case that's not enough, Mwekassa is also perhaps the most interesting man in combat sports today. He's fled a volcano (while pulling his family to safety), been bitten by snakes, poisoned, shot, and treated to a spectacular hero's welcome in Africa. He eats nothing but caterpillars for 21 days before he fights. He's an amazing figure, whose story must be read. Get all the details here and here.
  • Finally, in case there is any doubt, consider that this is a rematch from 2014, and that first fight was a great one. There, the two met in the finals of a four man tournament. Mwekassa's conditioning failed him, and Cavalari took the win with a beautiful head kick KO. Watch the video above.

Saturday night, it may be Bellator's name most prominently featured on the marquee, but it's Glory who is ready to steal the show on the backs of Cavalari and Mwekassa. And if they deliver, perhaps it will expose Glory to MMA fans who have not yet made the jump to kickboxing, bringing a wider audience to the next official Glory show on October 9. Glory needs that bump in attention right now - we'll see if they can get it Saturday night.