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Vitor Belfort on Chris Weidman's UFC 187 drug test: 'Did he stop cycling?'

Vitor Belfort decided to lobby an accusation back in the direction of his UFC middleweight Chris Weidman when discussing drug testing recently.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Vitor Belfort's name has come up a bit in recent days due to the Nevada Athletic Commission's treatment of him earlier in the year as opposed to their overly harsh five-year suspension issued to Nick Diaz. Belfort has been suspended by NSAC for testing positive for anabolic steroids in the past, and had a major TRT issue with the commission in the months before he finally got his UFC 187 middleweight title shot against Chris Weidman.

Despite that though, Belfort bizarrely told the media in Sao Paulo that it was Weidman they need to be looking at in terms of testosterone issues, not him (via MMA Fighting):

"Did he stop cycling? Wasn't him the one to stop cycling, because his testosterone was low?. I was doing a treatment and paid the price. But have you ever thought about it, or no? Nobody ever talked about it. My levels were normal, his levels were low. How a kid at his age has low testosterone?"

He also claimed that everyone was juicing, but he was just doing a treatment. If you thought the first statement was a whopper, get a load of this one:

"The reality is everybody was doing cycling, with their testosterones," he said. "I didn't hide anything. You all knew what I was doing, I was doing a treatment. And I still have the deficiency, I'm working with supplements and food. I have a life of sacrifice. I don't have a normal social life. I won't reveal my secret, and my doctor's secret, but we have been using natural things to meet this demand."

As usual, Belfort makes himself look like the victim. You don't have a normal social life? Really? That's terrible! I do find it amusing that he won't disclose his "secret" though. He wouldn't disclose it last time either for a while until forced to, and guess what? It turned out to be testosterone.

It should be noted though that Belfort says he was tested by USADA on September 4th before the Go Big press conference according to Lancenet.

Belfort takes on Dan Henderson for the third time in the main event of UFC Fight Night 77.

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