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Nelson on good eats in Japan: I try to stay away from fish but hotel buffet is nice

UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson speaks to Inside MMA about his search for food in Japan.

An American fighter competing in an MMA event across the world in a foreign land can present its own unique sort of challenges. Consider the dietary concerns: Can one maintain the correct caloric intake while abroad? How about sodium intake during the hellish weight cutting process? Are all the necessary ingredients available?

While all those are legitimate concerns that worry combatants ahead of fight week, Roy Nelson is simply searching for good places to eat.

The UFC heavyweight is scheduled to headline the promotion's latest venture in Japan against Josh Barnett on Sep. 26. Given that neither man will have to cut much weight (if at all) to make the 265-pound cutoff, the top priority is to find delicious food around the city.

"[I learned] where to eat," Nelson told Inside MMA (h/t Fox Sports). "I don't have to go there and find where's a good place to eat for a fighter. Last time I found Sizzler, and this time I found Subway."

This is not Nelson's first trip to Japan. He faced Mark Hunt at last year's Japan show, so he knows exactly what he does not like to eat ahead of scheduled fights.

"I try to stay away from the fish," he explained. "But the hotel buffet is always nice."

Nelson was also asked whether he has been drug tested while in Japan, to which he responded with a food-related metaphor.

"The only way I can react to that is [to say that] I've never been caught gravy injecting.

"But gravy does make everything better. It's kind of like cheese."