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Tweet of the Day: Sonnen's #FreeNickDiaz shirts now more limited than ever

If you got yourself a limited edition #FreeNickDiaz t-shirt from Chael Sonnen, you may have lucked out. Because now it seems that they're more limited than ever.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Chael Sonnen recently made a public appeal to MMA fans to help free Nick Diaz. And, while they're all rallied around the cause, maybe buy a #FreeNickDiaz t-shirt or two. Selling for just 29.99 the shirts seem like a great way to show support for a fighter who has hit upon some real hard times all of a sudden. The official ordering page even gives the assurance that they're being sold with Nick's blessing:

"Bad Guy Inc partnered with Nick Diaz and we proudly present the Official Free Nick Diaz tee. Support one of the worlds most exciting fighter. Buy this one of a kind tee now."

But, according to Diaz's lawyer, that may not be the case. MMAFighting's Marc Raimondi reported, via Twitter, that Sonnen's Limited Edition tees may be a lot more limited than advertised:

So, get one while supplies last. Bloody Elbow reached Sonnen for comment and he reiterated that this shirt was made fully in partnership with Nick Diaz:

"Nick and I are partners, we have a deal to make these shirts. These are his shirts. If he wants to go a different direction or is unhappy with them, we'll pull them and I'll cut him a check."

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