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Video: Three lessons learned from the Nick Diaz suspension's Luke Thomas offers his thoughts on the Nevada Athletic Commission's five-year suspension of Nick Diaz.

On Monday afternoon, the Nevada Athletic Commission handed UFC welterweight Nick Diaz a five-year suspension following his third failed drug test for marijuana metabolites. The decision was met with uproar in the MMA community, both from fans and pundits alike.'s Luke Thomas offers his thoughts on the decision and breaks down the three lessons learned from the Diaz suspension.

Be sure to check out's spectacular and poignant interview with Diaz. Read a short excrept below:

"They suspended me for a third time. For five fucking years for something that makes the whole world a better place," Diaz said. "But in the end, I'm just upset I can't be there for my brother right now since he's gonna be fighting soon. It's my bad he even got into this sport and he gets his face kicked in and they don't even pay him."

It should be noted that Diaz's suspension is more severe than that of PED abusers, as well as the guidelines on the NAC website. They initially motioned for a lifetime ban from MMA but instead opted for a half-decade suspension.