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Tweets of the Day: Ronda Rousey's wallet says 'Bad Motherf*cker'

So this is how UFC champ Ronda Rousey's wallet looks like.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

While Ronda Rousey claims to be the highest paid athlete in Mixed Martial Arts, apparently she still uses an old ratty wallet to keep and spend some of those hard earned dollars. It's one that has 'Bad Motherf*cker' stitched on it too. Dana White tweeted a photo of the Pulp Fiction inspired wallet while hanging out with the UFC champion in Australia to promote her next contest.

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Rousey is currently set to defend her bantamweight title against Holly Holm this November, and she recently landed with White in Melbourne for a UFC 193 press conference. Here's a bonus tweet about their arrival (more photos here):

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