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UFC fighters react to Nick Diaz suspension on Twitter

If twitter is anything to go by, fighters are not all that happy with the NAC's decision to suspend Nick Diaz for 5 years following his 3rd failed drug test for marijuana metabolites.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

As it turns out, when you support commissions handing out harsher penalties for drug test failures you get... harsher penalties for drug test failures. That hasn't stopped the massive blowback from fans and media to the news that Nick Diaz would be getting suspended for 5 years and fined $165,000 for his 3rd failed drug test for marijuana metabolites in an NSAC sanctioned fight. Even some of the UFC's own fighters are getting in on the action, criticizing a decision which many see as beyond the pale for pot consumption.

Leading the charge is UFC featherweight Cole Miller, who voiced his support for fighters to boycot competing on cards in Nevada.

But it wasn't just Miller who had a lot to say. Fighters across the spectrum in the UFC ranks (and even a couple outside them) spoke up on behalf of the former Strikeforce champion.

In light of the massive amounts of support that the announcement of harsher drug testing regulations and punishments got just a few months ago, what do you think? Is this too harsh, or just exactly as it should be for repeat offenders of the rules?