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Faber has advice for 'poser' McGregor: 'What you think is a ton of money isn't'

Urijah Faber may not be fighting Conor McGregor anytime soon, but he's taking a war of words to the Irishman outside the cage.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Urijah Faber has had to spend a lot of time around Conor McGregor lately. Although we're just seeing the fruits of their labor right now, the two men spent a couple weeks facing off as opposing coaches on the Ultimate Fighter, and it seems the time they spent together has left Faber with a lot of thoughts on just how McGregor could handle himself better in public. Faber spoke to MMAFighting and had a response for McGregor's criticisms that "he looks like a 15-year-old skateboarder':

"Let's be honest here, Conor shows up every day, to practice, to everything, in the Vegas desert, in the full get up," Faber said. "And he's got armpit sweat coming out to here [gesturing across his back], at one point he has an ass crack full of sweaty ass, he rips his pants at one point."
"I'm like, 'Bro, what's up with the outfit.' He's like ‘I'm all business.' I'm like, ‘Dude, you're like the Tapout guy at the bar who thinks he's a fighter because he's wearing Tapout.' In this business world, Conor in a suit and tie is like the poser wearing Tapout. I had to educate him about business. Look at Dana White, Dana White will not put on a suit unless he's forced to."

But it's not just clothing that Faber thinks McGregor has all wrong, it's money too. Speaking to Yahoo Sports, the Team Alpha Male honcho talked about how McGregor's financial planning is all wrong:

"I said 'Bro, take it down.' Take the 16,000-square foot rental down to an 8,000-foot rental, you know? He'll figure out, he's a smart enough guy. But, I mean, don't be rubbing it in other people's face that you're acting like you got a ton of money yet. What you think is a ton of money isn't a ton of money."

That said, it wasn't all harsh words. Faber went on to say, "He's going to learn a couple little lessons here and there. He's pretty smart, he's a decent guy." As always seems to be the case with combat sports athletes, only time will tell if McGregor is actually going to learn the lessons and come out of his fighting career with money and a next career lined up. A lot of fighters say they will, but very few seem to pull it off.

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