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Polaris 2 main event results recap: Garry Tonon submits Imanari with a heel hook

Bloody Elbow recaps the big fight from Saturday night in Cardiff, Wales. Here, we look at the main event between Garry Tonon and Japanese MMA legend, Masakazu Imanari.

On Saturday evening, Garry Tonon rebounded from a semi-disappointing ADCC to submit the leglock maestro, Masakazu Imanari in the main event of Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational 2. Coming into this bout, Imanari had never been submitted in competition, but over the course of 3 minutes he found out just how good Tonon's leglock game is, succumbing to a heel hook in the process.

Garry Tonon vs. Masakazu Imanari

Official result:  Garry Tonon defeats Masakazu Imanari by heelhook

What was the high point of the fight?

Garry Tonon looked really impressive in his first match competing at 150lbs. In Imanari, Tonon was facing one of the most feared leglock masters in the history of MMA. But Tonon showed no fear, entering the belly of the beast and beating him at his own game. Not only was Tonon's reverse heel hook executed with flawless technique, it was made more impressive by the fact that Imanari had fought 44 times over his MMA career and never been submitted.

Where do these two go from here?

Following his win against Imanari, Tonon will without doubt elect to stay as busy as possible. While Tonon has teased a MMA debut over recent months it is far more likely that he will continue his nomadic lifestyle, competing at smaller grappling contests around the world.

Imanari was always going to be up against it with Tonon - after all Tonon is the much younger and more athletic competitor. To add to Tonon's athletic advantages, the fact that Tonon competes purely in submission grappling also gave him the edge over the Japanese legend. It is time for Imanari to get back to what he's best at - he needs to get back into the cage and further solidify his legacy. Expect the leglock legend to compete on an upcoming Deep card.

Watch now, later, or never?

This one is worth watching. Check out the replay now to see this fight as well as a great undercard, which included a 15-second flying armbar.

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