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Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto results and post-fight analysis

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Tim B. takes a look at Floyd Mayweather's victory over Andre Berto, which he says is the last fight of his career.

Tonight's Showtime PPV fight between Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto turned out exactly as most expected it would. Berto, a heavy underdog coming into the bout, just couldn't find the elusive Mayweather with any consistency over 12 rounds. Meanwhile, Floyd did his thing on offense - he doesn't throw a lot, but what he does throw connects at a very high percentage.

He racks up rounds because of that disparity. Is it pretty? Well, it can be at times. Mayweather's sneaky uppercut in the clinch and his stellar jab were, as always, impressive. But his constant tactic of baiting guys into the corner just so he can tie them up is, as always, less than exciting. What you got tonight was a typical Floyd Mayweather fight. If you bought it expecting anything else, well...that's on you.

I did find the trash talk amusing though, and as a fan of Floyd's technical prowess, I didn't think it was the worst fight ever. It was just the same as it always is.

Floyd said he was officially retired after the bout with a 49-0 record. If it's actually true for once, the man deserves props for one of the best resumes in the history of the sport. Is he the best fighter ever? No. But he is the best fighter of this generation and despite all of his faults in and out of the ring, he's an incredible boxer. A very, very rich one too.

  • Orlando Salido and Rocky Martinez engaged in a rematch of their FOTY-candidate bout earlier in the year, and it was awesome. While it lacked the drama of the first bout, the sheer number of punches thrown and the savagery displayed by both men made it a hell of a lot of fun. Over 1700 punches were thown, of which over 1000 were thrown by Salido. In 12 rounds! That's crazy! Unfortunately...
  • The undercard judging was, as usual, terrible. Salido clearly won that fight in my eyes. Instead, it went to a split draw. Patricia Morse-Jarman scored the fight for Martinez and she should get her eyes checked. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't even the worst scorecard of the night.
  • Badou Jack and George Groves put together a pretty good fight as well, landing with a ton of shots and never letting up. Jack dropped Groves in the first, but he was able to bounce back well. Jack was able to keep Groves off balance enough to pick up the victory though. Groves never hurt Jack, which was a surprise, but Groves fighting hard for 12 full rounds was a surprise too. One judge gave the fight to Groves, which was dumb, but...boxing.
  • The opener was the biggest travesty of the night to me. Johnathan Oquendo and Jhonny Gonzalez engaged in a pretty good war over 10 rounds, but I thought Gonzalez consistently got the better of him with his body work. Each man dropped the other once, but I thought Gonzalez cruised after that. Apparently the judges disagreed though, giving the big underdog Oquendo a majority decision win. One judge gave eight of the ten rounds to Oquendo, which won worst scorecard of the night and made me yell at my television. Good work, moron.