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Watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto full fight video highlights online

Watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto boxing highlights.

In what was billed to be his retirement bout, Floyd Mayweather took on Andre Berto on Saturday night. It was a normal bout for Floyd, who controlled the match and almost shut out Berto for 12 rounds, eventually winning with the scores 117-111, 118-110, and 120-108.

For those who missed the pay-per-view, this is the place to watch highlights of the contest as it will be constantly updated with the best clips of the match. If a few seconds of the boxing match isn't enough, you can also check out snippets from the play-by-play of our contest below:

Round 11 - After some clinching, Floyd stunned Berto a bit with a left hook. Nice uppercut from Floyd. Jab and a left hook from Berto. Floyd has his hands down, he doesn't care. They exchange body shots in the clinch. Mayweather is yelling at the crowd now. Mayweather with a nice combo. Floyd walking away from Berto and hyping up the crowd. Berto with a left hook Ali shuffle from Floyd. Lots more talking from Floyd. He's pitching the shutout through 11, and the 12th should be...entertaining?

Round 12 - Berto pressuring early. Missing with his jab and getting tied up before he gets anything going on the ropes. Floyd with a left to the body. Floyd shaking his head and smiling in the clinch. Berto trying too attack on the ropes, but ate an uppercut. Straight left from Berto gets through. Straight left from Floyd. Beautiful uppercuts inside. Berto is hurt. Floyd attacking, it's Berto holding on now. Counter right by Mayweather. Jab to the body. LEft uppercut. Jab. Floyd raises his arm and circles away to 49-0. 120-108 Mayweather.



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