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MMA fighters react to Mayweather vs. Berto on Twitter

See how the MMA community reacted to Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto, which predictably ended with Mayweather getting the win.

Floyd Mayweather predictably beat Andre Berto (117-111, 118-110, 120-108) in a fight that was panned going in and probably will be panned after the final bell rang. Mayweather announced his retirement -- he did this in 2007, mind you -- in the post-fight interview, so he'll hang up the gloves with a 49-0 record and 26 KOs. Perhaps fittingly, the crowd booed him as he showboated and celebrated in the final round of another comfortable victory.

Nobody expected Berto to have a chance, but he at least gave it a good effort despite connecting on just 17% of his punches to Floyd's 57%. All that said, the undercard was quite entertaining and the co-main event was an arguably Fight of the Year contender between Rocky Martinez and Orlando Salido. Here's how UFC fighters reacted to the pay-per-view on Twitter. The dearth of tweets from the real big names of the sport can illustrate the interest level in the main event.