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Floyd Mayweather vs Berto live fight results: Rounds 7-9 results and recap

Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto live round by round results are available in real time, right here at Bloody Elbow. Here, a look at rounds 7-9.

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Tonight, Floyd Mayweather competes in what he claims will be his final fight as a professional boxer. The 48-0 fighter, and greatest of our generation, is in action against Andre Berto. Bloody Elbow will have live fight night coverage all night, both right here, and throughout the night on Twitter. Here, we'll have round by round recaps as we head into the home stretch.

Round 7: Good end to the round that brings the crowd to their feet. After a pretty typical 2 and a half minutes, the two men started mixing it up more in the closing seconds, with Berto seeming to connect with a good punch, only to see Mayweather come back angrily. Exciting for a few moments there. 10-9 Mayweather

Round 8: Berto builds off the momentum of round 7 and comes out really walking Mayweather down. But Mayweather expertly circles away until Berto slows down, then again implements his game. Berto is getting more loose, which is exactly what he needs, and he does manage to land some shots against the ropes. Mayweather largely took this round off offensively, so 10-9 Berto.

Round 9: Berto is trying hard, you have to give him that. He pushes the pace, coming for Mayweather throughout, but continues to struggle to land. Late in the round, they begin jaw-jacking, and the heated words leads to something resembling a slugfest for a moment, but Mayweather lands more clean shots in that exchange. Tempers beginning to flare up here. 10-9 Mayweather, 89-82 after 9

Stay tuned all night for full fight night coverage of Mayweather vs. Berto

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