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Mayweather vs Berto PPV undercard results: Salido/Martinez war highlights great night

Live results here from the Mayweather vs. Berto PPV undercard, featuring Salido vs. Martinez II and Jack vs. Groves.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Boxing tonight is all about Floyd Mayweather, but his main event fight against Andre Berto is far from the most compelling fight of the evening. The Mayweather vs. Berto PPV is a surprisingly stacked boxing PPV, with quality fights throughout the night. Here are the results from the PPV undercard.

Orlando Salido vs. Rocky Martinez, split draw, 113-115, 115-113, 114-114

This rematch was the night's fight hardcore boxing fans were most excited for, and it delivered. In spades. These two delivered the kind of all-action, non-stop war that we knew they were capable of. There was never a dull moment in this fight, as Salido took it to Martinez right from the get go, and Martinez responded in kind. Unlike their first fight, Salido successfully stopped Martinez from being a technical boxer, forcing him into a tight inside war and then working over his body all night. Early in the fight, Salido was down and hurt, as he was dropped in the 3rd, but came back strong after that. It was a back and forth kind of fight, but it really did feel like a clear Salido victory, even if it was close. The draw is a bit of a letdown, but if it leads to a rematch, no complaints here.

One interesting note - Martinez was counted for a knockdown in round 3, but replays clearly showed that the "knockdown" was actually Salido stepping on his foot and tripping him. Had the referee correctly ruled it that way, this would be a Martinez win.

Badou Jack def George Groves, split decision, 113-114, 115-112, 116-111

Really solid fight here from both men, and a very close one. Groves got off to a bad start, with Jack dropping him in round 1, but he came back well. Outside of that one knockdown in the first, the fight was another tight back and forth affair almost the entire way through, but as it moved into the second half, Jack seemed to be taking more control. He landed a number of body shots, which looked to slow Groves late. Final round was a wild one, with both men going for it hard in the closing minute to cap off a good fight. Groves was very frustrated with the decision, but I had it for Jack as well.

Jonathan Oquendo def. Jhonny Gonzalez, majority decision, 94-94, 95-93, 98-90

The PPV opener was a highly entertaining affair, with both men hitting the canvas in the opening two rounds, and both men throwing down throughout the 10 rounds. It got sloppy at times, with a number of clashes of heads, and it wasn't always the most technical fight, but it was exciting, no doubt. It was also very tough to score, with boxing analysts turning in a range of their own cards. But in the end, Oquendo pulls off the big upset, and it's hard to argue with him getting the W (but 98-90? No.)

Overall, this was a great trilogy of fights. Even if the main event ends up a dud, this is a good night of boxing.

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