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Video: UFC lightweights Khabib and Islam train in the Dagestan Mountains with Abdulmanap

Check out this short clip of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father putting his pupils through drills in the Dagestan Mountains.

Much has been said about UFC competitors from the North Caucasus and the feverish pace they are able to set during their fights. It is not a natural characteristic of their game, but one that is developed after years of high elevation training in the mountainous terrain of the region.

Many fighters from the current crop of UFC competitors from Dagestan currently train under the tutelage of Khabib Nurmagomedov's father, Abdulmanap. Widely regarded as one of the most renowned wrestlers of his era, Abdulmanap won Ukrainian National Championships in both Judo and Combat Sambo, as well as the Dagestan National Championships in freestyle wrestling.

According to Abdulmanap, who was featured in a longform based on his life, the Caucasian mountains were a breeding ground for top talent.

"In my opinion, training deep in the mountains is an irreplaceable part of training. You simply cannot go three or five full rounds without elevation training."

"It is better to set up training camps in the Dagestan Mountains. There is high elevation, pine forests, fresh air and water. You cannot find it in the United States."

Check out the short video clip of Abdulmanap's training regimen in the mountains.