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Matt Mitrione says Mayweather doesn't belong on P4P list; calls out Travis Browne

Matt Mitrione was recently interviewed by the Three Amigos Podcast where he gave his fight prediction and ranked Money Mayweather on the P4P greatest list, and even issued a call-out to Travis Browne.

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Floyd Mayweather has led a long and storied career with not a single blemish on his professional record. Out of the ring is another story, but for the purposes of this feature, we'll focus solely on his athletic achievements. Tonight, he'll enter the ring for the last time, against Andre Berto, an opponent the vast majority of fans and media consider to be completely outmatched.

Throughout the course of his tenure in boxing, he's faced all the "name" talent in the divisions he's competed across, but in some instances, he either fought them while they were still considered "green," as many believe Canelo Alvarez was, or too late, as was the case with Manny Pacquiao. All things considered, he's had an extraordinary career, and has the distinguished honor of being the highest paid athlete of all time.

A few days ago, the Three Amigos Podcast did a roundup with some popular MMA fighters and personalities, where the focus was predicting how tonight's mega-bout will go and where Floyd sits on boxing's all-time P4P list. A couple of the responses stood out, so I've taken the liberty to transcribe them for you. This prediction comes from UFC heavyweight fan favorite, Matt Mitrione.

I don't really like to give Mayweather a whole lot of thought, because I don't think he really fights, I think he avoids, more than anything else. I do think he's going to beat Berto off a decision, just like he wins every other fight. If Berto can come in and be aggressive like Maidana, I think he might have a chance, but the only person who's been able to almost catch that lightning in a bottle has been Maidana.

As far as pound-for-pound, I don't really think that Mayweather even belongs in that conversation. -Matt Mitrione

As far as pound-for-pound, I don't really think that Mayweather even belongs in that conversation. There's a litany of other fighters that belong there before him. Mayweather is extremely successful, but I don't consider him a boxer. A boxer is more than just being fleet of foot and having great dexterity. They're great punchers and counter-punchers and a lead-in aggressive puncher, and I just don't see that in him. I guess I just don't respect him in his craft, even though I find him to be highly athletic.

As of right now, if you guys are interested in me, I have no fight yet, whatsoever. Travis Browne was saying he wanted to fight me, so Travis Browne, what's up? I've been tweeting you all the time, little buddy, and I haven't gotten a single response, and you haven't responded to any of the fans that have been retweeting and commenting either, so Travis Browne, what's up with the what's up?