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Ben Henderson on 'predictable' style of Alves: 'He always throws the same combination'

Ben Henderson respects Thiago Alves' Muay Thai skills, but thinks the Brazilian could be predictable with his counters and his combinations.

Benson Henderson
Benson Henderson
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Already thinking about how his fight against Thiago Alves in South Korea could develop, former UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson believes the task will be as hard as any, even though he sees Thiago's game as a bit predictable.

"I expect a very hard fight. We both have our game plans and I think it will favor me," Henderson told Combate. "Analyzing our styles, we know he's going to bring the fight and we have an answer for everything he throws. Thiago is very good at Muay Thai, but he is predictable. He always does that three-punch combination that ends with a leg kick. We know he will do that and it's up to me keep my balance and not let him execute that plan. Thiago's game is very tradition and hard to find holes in, if I had to say something, it would be that he is a little predictable when countering. If hit him in a certain way, I know how he will hit me back."

Alves, however, recently stated he intends to knock him out in the third round, but Henderson preferred not to predict the outcome of the fight himself, all he knows is that he believes he will win, despite of how it will be.

"That's his opinion. We're all entitled to one, but I will have to disagree. All I know is that I'll have my hand raised in the end. I suck at predicting how a fight will end, I always get it wrong. All I can predict is that I will win. At least I got this prediction right a lot more than wrong in my career."

Ben Henderson and Thiago Alves are set to headline the UFC's first card in South Korea, which will take place in the country's capital of Seoul on November 28th, exclusively on Fight Pass.