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Three Amigos Podcast Epsiode 15 w/ King Mo Lawal & Josh Thomson

The Three Amigos are back with another episode featuring Muhammad Lawal and Josh Thomson weighing in on a variety of issues that range from the sponsor landscape to their thoughts on Floyd Mayweather's retirement bout.

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Three Amigos Podcast

The latest episode of the Three Amigos Podcast features Muhammed Lawal and Josh Thomson weighing in on a variety of issues that range from the sponsor landscape to their thoughts on Floyd Mayweather's retirement bout and position on boxing's all time greatest pound-for-pound list. Just in case you missed it, we unveiled a bonus episode yesterday featuring a baker's dozen of UFC and Bellator fighters and MMA personalities giving their thoughts and predictions on this weekend's boxing mega event. You can find that right here. As always, we hope that you enjoy the show, and encourage you to give us guest suggestions or topics you'd like us to discuss.

King Mo Lawal (interview starts at the 33:50 mark of the audio), in very entertaining fashion, fields questions on whether he's interested in making a foray into kickboxing, what he thinks of Rampage's controversial exit from Bellator, ways MMA officiating can be fixed, why he settled on ATT as his permanent training home, the most important factor star wrestlers need to consider when taking up a mixed martial arts career, the root of his beef with ex Bellator CEO, Bjorn Rebney and more.

Josh Thomson (interview starts at the 55:30 mark of the audio) fields questions on his decision to sign with Bellator, whether he entertained offers from other organizations before his decision, how much sponsorship factored in to his move, what he thinks of critics saying Bronzoulis was custom matched for him to make an impressive debut, if he plans on taking some kickboxing matches, whether it was his decision to take a fight after Pettis was injured when he was awarded the title shot against him, who he feels his toughest fight has been and much more.

The hosts look back at UFC 191 and break down its more notable moments, the need to find a solution to the Mighty Mouse buy rate and live gate issue, favorite fights from the card, the UFC's "Go Big" presser, thoughts on Mayweather's retirement fight and finally, they chop up another week of the "Battle for Bragging Rights" with their fight picks. Guess who's STILL leading the pack? I'll give you a hint; their nickname rhymes with Brooklyn.

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