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Video: NBA's Detroit Pistons train MMA with UFC stars

Watch NBA stars from the Detroit Pistons train with UFC stars at the Ultimate Fighter gym.

Last month, UFC fighters went to the Detroit Pistons' training facility to cross-train and do some basketball workouts. Shortly after, the tables were turned and it's the NBA stars that went to the Ultimate Fighter gym to try their hand at doing Mixed Martial Arts.

As they have been tweeting photos for weeks, UFC stars such as Luke Rockhold, Forrest Griffin, Stefan Struve, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk trained the entire team that also featured stars such as Andre Drummond and Reggie Evans. Watch clips of these sessions.

Basketball has some of the world's greatest athletes, especially in today's landscape. While it wasn't common in the earlier days of the sport, now they have massive and highly agile forwards and centers almost 7-feet-tall, jumping over everybody and running the floor like they were guards.

While drawing the best athletes in the planet largely has to do with the salaries and sponsorship dollars involved, it would certainly be interesting to see how much the MMA landscape would change if the sport can have several freak athletes on the level of LeBron James, Blake Griffin or Zach Lavine.

In a somewhat related clip, here's an old video of one of the best athletes in MMA -- one with a 7-foot, NBA-level wingspan -- trying to dunk. From the official Atlanta Hawks YouTube channel:

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