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Video: Dana says Koscheck and Baroni ‘threatened to get physical’ with him

UFC President Dana White recounted the near-physical encounters he has had with former fighter on his roster.

During an appearance on Colin Cowherd's ‘The Herd,' UFC President Dana White discussed various topics outside of the nonsensical discussion about Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather.

The promotion's head honcho was asked whether he had ever been in a physical altercation with one of his fighters over the years, to which Dana laughed and responded:

"I'm not running around trying to get into physical confrontations with guys but I've had plenty of cases where guys were like: ‘How about I come over there and kick your ass.'"

Asked to name one example, Dana gave Cowherd two.

"Phil Baroni and I had a really good one. Josh Koscheck and I had a really good one a couple of weeks ago. When you're the boss of 600 Ultimate Fighters...

"Guys have threatened to get physical many times."

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