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Technique of the Week: Carlos Vieira demonstrates choke on a UFC lightweight

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4th degree BJJ black belt Carlos Vieira and UFC lightweight Jake Matthews demonstrate how to take your opponent's back from the mount and choke them out in Submission Radio's "Technique of the week".

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As Jake Matthews prepares for his November showdown at UFC 193 against Akbarh Arreola, he's enlisted the help of one of Australia's highest ranked Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, Carlos 'Portuguese' Vieira.

Carlos is a former 2002 & 2003 Pan-American champion, a 2005 Brazilian champion and the Pan-Pacific champion in both 2010 and 2011. Also, he has freakishly massive meat hooks for hands.

This week on Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week", Jake lends himself to the multiple-time BJJ champion, in order to demonstrate a creative way of taking your opponent's back from the mount position and choking them out. This move can be especially useful for MMA, as most opponents will often go for the more basic 'Arm Triangle' choke or the 'Rear Naked' choke from these positions.

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