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Photos: Cris Cyborg looking massive next to Miesha Tate

Do you really think Cris Cyborg would be the same fighter if she's forced to drop to 135 lbs?

A few of the top female fighters in the world in Cris Cyborg, Miesha Tate, and Holly Holm are currently filming a movie together. While there's a good chance they may face each other down the road, the trio has been posting several photos of themselves while bonding and hanging out on set.

Among the things that stood out from these photos though, was how massive Cris Cyborg looked next to the UFC's top 135 lb contender in Miesha Tate.

While obviously it's tough to really conclude anything from photos because of different angles, distance or even lighting, there have been multiple images of Tate being dwarfed by Cyborg making the rounds online. It has since sparked discussion about Cris' ability to make 135 lbs, and understandably so. She has never been a small 145'er anyway.

As additional reference, here's an older photo of her standing next a former UFC lightweight champion.

While the weight has long been an issue on a potential super-fight against Ronda Rousey, Cyborg has since stated that she will be willing to make the drop to 135 lbs. Now there's two questions that remain. Why hasn't the fight been booked yet? And again, do you really think Cyborg will still be Cyborg after cutting an additional 10 lbs?