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UFC Nashville: Scorecards revealed for Johnson vs. Dariush decision

Judging controversy took center stage at UFC Nashville last night, and a familiar name came up once again in the Michael Johnson vs. Beneil Dariush fight.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

The big lightweight co-main event at UFC Nashville between Michael Johnson and Beneil Dariush was seemingly a unanimous decision win for "The Menace". It wasn't a blowout, one-sided win for Johnson, but it should've been one that was a clear-cut call for him. Instead, two judges gave Dariush the biggest win of his career and ended Johnson's winning streak at 4. Here are the scorecards from last night's event, courtesy of MMA Fighting:

Richard Bertrand and Doug Crosby both saw Dariush as the winner of the last two rounds, whereas Sal D'Amato gave Johnson round 2 for the 29-28 Johnson scorecard. Bertrand has been judging UFC events for 9 years and just scrolling through his log on MMA Decisions, nothing stands out as egregiously bad.

However, Crosby is no stranger to judging controversy. He first gained the attention of the MMA world for his puzzling 50-45 Frankie Edgar scorecard in the first fight vs. B.J Penn at UFC 112, which he later explained in full-length on The UG. This year, Crosby has come under fire for the 100% absurd 30-27 decision in favor of Cathal Pendred over Sean Spencer at UFC Fight Night in Boston, as well as allegations of bias against the Serra-Longo camp for his (admittedly sensible) 30-27 decision for Jorge Masvidal over Al Iaquinta. Crosby has vehemently denied the bias allegations.

According to FightMetric, Johnson outlanded Dariush in rounds 1 and 2 and stuffed all 7 of Dariush's takedown attempts over the 3 rounds. As you would imagine, Johnson wasn't happy with the decision when it was read out, and this is what he had to say in the post-fight press conference:

"I definitely thought I pushed the pace a lot more the whole fight," Johnson said. "I stuffed every one of his takedowns and I think I landed more, so I don't see how they could've given him the win. Not taking anything away from Beneil, he fought a very good fight, but at the same time I controlled the whole fight. It is what it is. That's why you don't leave anything to the judges.

"It's a little frustrating, and I apologize for the way I reacted, but you know how it is," Johnson continued. "I set out to get in there and get a job well done, get my goal of getting up to a title shot, and this kind of stops that. So I've just gotta get back in there."

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