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UFC Fight Night 73 results and video: Wilson, Vera, Holtzman all pick up finishes

The UFC Fight Night 73 prelims have kicked off with three straight finishes.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night 73's Fight Pass bouts might not feature many well-known names, but that didn't stop the fighters from putting up some impressive finishes. All three of the FP bouts ended before the final horn, with two submissions and one quick knockout. Here's how it all went down.

Jonathan Wilson defeated Chris Dempsey by knockout (punches), :50 of round 1

Dempsey was up to 205 for this bout from his regular 185-pound weight class, and he paid dearly for it. Wilson clubbed him with a sneaky straight left that pretty much put him out immediately. Check out the video:

Marlon Vera defeated Roman Salazar by submission (triangle armbar), 2:15 of round 2

After a competitive first round, Salazar put Vera on his back but wasn't able to defend the bottom attack. Vera latched on a triangle, then after a bit of adjusting managed to grab onto Salazar's arm as well. It was game over for Salazar, who was forced to tap.

Scott Holtzman defeated Anthony Christodoulou by submission (rear naked choke), 2:40 of round 3

Holtzman completely dominated the fight from the very beginning, beating the Greek fighter up with nasty uppercuts and some spinning attacks. Christodoulou had one brief moment of hope when he got Holtzman in a leg lock in the second, but it was not to be. Holtzman decided to take it to the ground in the third and picked up a nice submission win in his UFC debut.