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The MMA Prospectus: UFC Nashville, 190, & WMMA longevity

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Zane Simon & T.P. Grant are back for another MMA Prospectus to talk about the bright talents of today who could be the stars of tomorrow. This week we're looking at Ray Borg, Geane Herrera, Derek Brunson, Dustin Ortiz, and Sara McMann. Along with a glance back at the top performances of last week and a look at what's normal for the development of prospects in WMMA.

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Another episode of the MMA Prospectus is back here, ready and waiting for you to watch it... You're going to watch it, right? I mean why wouldn't you? You clicked the link, you knew what you were getting yourself into. You know what, I don't even care if you watch it or not... No, that's fine... It's really not important.

Please watch the show.

Anyhow, all that aside. This week we're talking about the rising talent of UFC Nashville, including Ray Borg, Geane Herrera, Derek Brunson, and Dustin Ortiz. We're also looking briefly back at UFC 190 to extol the virtues of Warlley Alves and Glaico Franca. Also, we've got a reader question this week about the career arcs of WMMA fighters and whether fans could expect them to maybe stay around longer in the sport because they might be on the receiving end of less traumatic brain injury or other potential factors. Plus a lot more as we get randomly diverted down side paths of talking MMA development.

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