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The UFC Cutting Room Floor: And everyone lived happily ever after

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Zane Simon is back with another episode of the UFC Cutting Room Floor, looking at the roster adjustments from the month of July, and frankly (at least on the cuts side of things) there weren't many.

In something of a throwback to 2013, the UFC roster grew a lot this July. While about 10 fighters were signed (not a terribly unusual amount) only two seem to have found their way out of Zuffa's good graces. If you want to lump Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira getting potentially permanently benched, that would make for three overall. But that's still a gain overall in a year where the UFC has generally been contracting or at least holding steady. What's behind it? No idea, but this month I'm taking a look at Robert Drysdale and Antonio Dos Santos as the two fighters to be removed from the active roster.

I'll also be looking at some of the new faces arriving. Most notably Geane Herrera, Teemu Packalen, and Abdul-Kerim Edilov all look like very promising talents. And of course Kamaru Usman coming off his TUF winning performance. So, check it out. And, if our Ooyala player isn't working for you, watch the show over on YouTube.

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