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Video: Alistair Overeem says Fedor 'declined' to fight him two times

Alistair Overeem explains how he wanted to fight Fedor in 2011 and why he doesn't want to fight him now.

Alistair Overeem has shared the ring with many MMA superstars such as Mirko Cro Cop or Brock Lesnar. One of the few great heavyweights he hasn't faced yet, is former Pride champion Fedor Emelianenko, who just announced his plans to return to fighting. Since news of his comeback broke, fans and pundits alike have been wondering where he might end up in his second career run. Will we finally see him in the UFC? Overeem won't hold his breath.

"Let's see what he's gonna do. He's now a free agent," Overeem told German outlet "He might go to the UFC, he might go to Bellator. Right now, I fight in the UFC. The UFC has a very strict policy of not allowing their fighters to fight in other promotions. And even... whoever they said I have to fight, I'll fight anyway."

Overeem and Fedor both have fought for the now defunct Japanese Pride organization, but back then in different weight classes. After Pride's demise, both men entered the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix in 2011, but their paths did not cross. And according to Overeem, fate had nothing to do with that -- it was Fedor who didn't want the fight.

"I really tried to make that fight happen in 2011, for June, when I fought Werdum, and even after that fight. And both times he declined. And that actually was the end of it," Overeem said.

After Strikeforce, just like Pride, has been bought by now MMA market leader UFC, Overeem joined the big leagues, whilst Fedor called it quits after three more fights in Japan and Russia. Now he is making his comeback, but Overeem doesn't hold his breath that he will finally end up in the UFC -- and it is not bothering him very much.

"I think right now, of course there's gonna be a lot of fighters that wanna fight Fedor, he's fighting anyway. But it's not something that I neccesarily look for. He's more an idol to me, than I wanna beat him."

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