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Schaub: Brazilian fighters 'ain't doing too well' since tougher drug testing

Brendan Schaub used his podcast as a platform to suggest that Brazilian fighters, including Renan Barao, aren't as competitive since drug testing ramped up.

UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub co-hosts a popular podcast with Bryan Callen called The Fighter and the Kid a few times a week, and they occasionally hit on controversial topics. This week's episode might have featured the most controversial segment yet though, as Schaub offered up a thinly-veiled accusation - that Brazilian fighters are on PEDs. Or were, until the new drug testing standard came into place on July 1st.

They were talking about Pat Cummins defeating Rafael Cavalcante at UFC 190, and Schaub sidetracked things to go off on a tangent about Brazilian fighters not doing so well since drug testing was ramped up. He even took a passive aggressive shot at Renan Barao. Here's how the conversation went.

Schaub: Hey, real quick. I'm just gonna throw this out there. You guys can say what you want. I mean yeah, Demian Maia looked good, but...since this, uh...I might take some heat for this, but whatever. Since this drug testing, anyone notice the ol' Brazilians ain't doing too well? Ever notice the people, the ol' South America ain't doing too hot since this drug testing thing?

Callen: Brendan, are you suggesting that Brazilians are on drugs?

Schaub: I'm just saying, if there are disciplines of MMA for Brazilians, it's (counting on his fingers) Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, steroids, boxing. I'm just saying. It's weird. It's weird.

Callen: Brendan, I'm going to ask you to be a little more fair in your critique.

Schaub: Okay, name a Brazilian who is doing well right now since the drug testing came out. Besides Demian Maia.

Callen: Demian Maia. And...other people.

Schaub: And this is why I'm taking Conor McGregor over Aldo. For this exact reason.

Callen: Are you suggesting that this great champion, Jose Aldo...

Schaub: No. I'm just saying it's very fishy. Just look at Renan Barao. Didn't look very good.

Drug testing officially ramped up a month ago, so it's a pretty small sample size to work with. And this is Brendan Schaub we're talking about - he has been knocked out a few times. Still though, this is a pretty big accusation to make, especially when (directly or not) suggesting it in regards to Barao and Aldo, two of the best Brazilian fighters out there.