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Big Nog takes scouting gig with the UFC, hasn't decided if he will retire yet

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will help the UFC look for new talents in Brazil, but that does not mean he is done fighting yet.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira did have that talk with Dana White. You know, the same one the UFC president had with Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes when their careers became unbearable to watch with their will to keep fighting even though their bodies could hardly take any more punishment.

The last drop for Nogueira was his unanimous decision loss to Stefan Struve this past Saturday, at UFC 190. Although Big Nog may have spoken to Dana White, who offered him a scout position which he's accepted, that does not mean he is through fighting just yet.

"He showed interest in me working with the UFC in finding new talents, which is something I already do, some kind of scout," Nogueira told Portal do Vale Tudo. "I accepted, but I will keep training and I haven't said if I will retire or not. The fight ended recently, I will still think about what I will do next. I like to train and I love the atmosphere of a camp. When people ask me what I like to do the most, I tell them it's training, to perfect an armbar or whatever, I like to wake up and have a goal."

If he decides to keep on fighting, Big Nog already has one old rival in his mind he would like to face one more time. You guessed it, it's Frank Mir.

"That's one of the things I would think about doing before I hang up my gloves (to fight Mir). When we coached The Ultimate Fighter together, he was really harsh with his athletes, he likes to look tough. He's inconsistent, he had four losses in a row before winning his last two."

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