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McGregor: Aldo 'is having a breakdown' and 'looking for his exit from the game'

Conor McGregor had a lot to say about getting a chance to coach on the Ultimate Fighter, working with Urijah Faber, beating Chad Mendes, and of course his upcoming fight with Jose Aldo.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor had to step out of the limelight for a moment to make room for the Ronda Rousey show last week. But, now that Rousey vs. Correia is in the books, McGregor is back with his thoughts on his upcoming stint on the Ultimate Fighter and working with Urijah Faber. He recently spoke to Yahoo Sports about where things are for him in his career at the moment. Starting with his co-coach on TUF 22 (transcription via MMAFighting):

"It's all friendly stuff, to be honest. Urijah is harmless. He's a harmless little man. He amuses me. He's like an annoying little brother only he's close to 50 years of age. I've been having fun on the show."

McGregor also talked about his fight with Chad Mendes, saying that the fight was confirmation of his own powers of prediction:

"I learned that I never get it wrong. I always predict correct. I predicted that I would KO [Mendes] inside two rounds. I bet a large sum of money and I won my bet. When I say I will put someone away in whatever time in whatever manner I say, it will happen. That's what happened. I went in there, lit his body up and I put him away."

And, of course, he couldn't resist taking another shot at Jose Aldo, reiterating his belief that Aldo's injuries were the opportunity the champ was looking for to back out of the fight:

"There are a couple dates and venues in the line. I believe [UFC brass] are heading out to Brazil to speak with Jose. For me, he is having a breakdown. I said this before. He's looking for his exit from the game. The injury was an opportunity to delay the inevitable so he took it. Make no mistake, when UFC 189 was playing he was under his duvet praying that Chad Mendes would get the win."

Dana White claims that the UFC is looking to finally get that Dallas Cowboys Stadium show they've been talking about for years now, and a McGregor vs. Aldo headliner would be a major piece of that puzzle. Either way, with Aldo saying he's healthy and ready to fight, it seems likely that the booking will be announced for sometime before or around the end of the year.