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Miesha Tate: Correia isn't that good, 'got what was coming' against Ronda Rousey

Miesha Tate doesn't think Bethe Correia is that good, and thinks she got what she asked for after stepping out of line with her trash talk against Ronda Rousey.

Miesha Tate recently won her 4th straight fight to earn yet another title shot. So this past weekend, 'Cupcake' was watching intently when Ronda Rousey quickly dispatched Bethe Correia.

"It was a pretty quick fight, which I kind of anticipated," Tate said on an appearance at the MMA Hour. "I actually thought she might finish it at the end of the first round because I know she really wanted to punish Bethe. But Bethe ended up going down like a sack of potatoes before Ronda could really punish her like she wanted to."

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Tate is a fierce rival of Rousey and has faced the dominant champion twice in the past. There's a lot of animosity between them, but she felt that Bethe really went too far by bringing up her father's suicide to promote a fight.

"If there was any time that I actually felt bad for Ronda and kind of sympathized with her, it was in this fight," she said. "I really thought that Bethe overstepped some personal boundaries that she just shouldn’t. I mean, Ronda and I are probably never going to get along. We’re probably never going to be friends, but there’s a certain amount of respect that one another should have for each other, as fighters, if nothing more."

"No matter how much you dislike someone, there are personal lines you just don't cross. I think Bethe did that, and so I think she got what was coming to her."

Tate says she was never impressed with Correia's skills either, and thought poking the bear wasn't going to help her case at all.

"I really don't think that she is that good yet. I think she really was more full of herself than anything else, and she was really trying to hype herself," Tate stated. "I think she had every intention of going out there and winning, and I think she really believed it. But I think she was just treading in too deep of water and was just in over her head."

"Screaming at Ronda and acting kind of childish and a little bit arrogant, it wasn't going to help. This girl is really, really asking for it. It was going to be a painful night for her."

Tate is likely to face Rousey for a third time in a future card yet to be named. While the plans hasn't been finalized Dana White has suggested McGregor vs Aldo and Rousey vs Tate 3 at the Dallas Stadium.