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Correia eyes title run in 2016: 'Ronda will be dethroned'

Bethe Correia is already looking at her return and a potential second title fight against Ronda Rousey, Still believes she could defeat the champion.

Bethe Correia
Bethe Correia
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

As devastating as that knockout was, Bethe Correia is not one to feel sorry for herself. Back on her feet after a UFC 190 loss to Ronda Rousey, the former female bantamweight title challenger has begun talking again.  Already eyeing a second title run, Correia sees herself as the UFC champion by the end of 2016.

"I promise I will fight for the belt next year," she told Combate. "In 2016, I want to write a different story. I want, above all things, to be respected. I want a triumphant return. I won't accept ending 2016 without an UFC belt on my waist. Everything I want, I get. That will be my battle."

For Bethe, if Ronda is still the champion by the time she gets a second title shot, that will be even more of a boost.

"If she still has the belt next year, I will meet her again. I will get that belt. I think Ronda will be dethroned and I hope I get to do it. Everybody loses at one point."

On vacation, Correia has no opponents yet settled for when she returns. The champion, however, will have her third fight against Miesha Tate, though there is no timetable for that just yet.