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Coach: Holly Holm likely ready for Rousey following Tate trilogy

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Coach Mike Winkeljohn believes Holly Holm is not far away from a title shot against Ronda Rousey.

As Ronda Rousey continues to rack up wins against the top competition in her division, challengers continue to dwindle. The undefeated Olympic medalist turned MMA fighter has compiled a 12-0 record that includes wins over the majority of the elite competitors at bantamweight.

However, one potential talent remains in the fold, as former boxing champion Holly Holm is yet to challenge Rousey for her throne. However, following two consecutive wins under the UFC banner, her coach believes it is a matter of time before Holm gets her title shot.

"I think there's a very good chance she might be the opponent after Tate." Winkeljohn told Submission Radio.

The reason for Holm's distance from Rousey is due to her relative inexperience in MMA. Holm, who was considered a top challenger for the title upon her arrival in the UFC, quickly made it clear that she is yet to find the correct flow in MMA. Winkeljohn, on the other hand, believes Holm's development has improved at an exceptional rate.

"Oh it's absolutely great. She defeated the girl everywhere. She made the girl pull guard twice. To me that's demoralizing that you can't take somebody down because of movement, because of the range, because they're scared to get to you. And again, she tried to get the same armbar that she triangle'd, that Jessica Andrade got caught in, and right away she [Holly] was able to defend it and pop out. So everything is coming together. You should see how strong she is, and she's not a boxer anymore, she's an MMA fighter."