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Rousey accuses Correia's brother of throwing flag at her, but Correia has no brother (Updated)

UFC women's bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey recalls how Bethe Correia's brother threw the Brazilian flag at her face during her walkout.

UPDATE: Bloody Elbow has confirmed that Correia does not have a brother. We will have more on this story when more details become available.

All went according to plan for Ronda Rousey when the cage door closed at UFC 190 on August 1st. It took just thirty-four seconds for 'Rowdy' to silence Bethe Correia with a series of knockout punches after months of trash talk leading up to the bout. Rousey overwhelmed Correia from the opening bell, instantly taking charge at the centre of the Octagon and forcing the Brazilian to backpedal as she unloaded a barrage of strikes.

While things went smoothly for Rousey in the cage, her walkout was interrupted by an angry fan. According to Rowdy, that fan turned out to be Bethe Correia's brother. During her entrance to the ring, Correia's brother threw a Brazilian flag at the bantamweight champ in a last effort to throw Rousey off her game.

"It was a little annoying when Bethe's brother, the guy with the blue hair, threw a Brazilian flag at my face," Rousey told Megan Olivi of UFC. "I wasn't even mad he threw something at me, but like, why would you throw your own flag on the ground? I thought that was really weird."

It wasn't just Correia's brother who got heated over Rousey, prior to the bout, 'Pitbull's' mother told her daughter to knock Ronda out and 'break her jaw'.

With the Ronda Rousey/Bethe Correia saga closed, it's expected that the former Olympian will face long-time rival Miesha Tate for a third time before the year's end. UFC president Dana White has hinted that Rousey vs. Tate 3 could take place at the famed Dallas Cowboys stadium alongside Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo.