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Joe Lauzon: Rousimar Palhares is 'kind of a d**k'

UFC veteran Joe Lauzon breaks down Rousimar Palhares' vicious submissions.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Rousimar Palhares has elicited outrage from the MMA community after more foul play in his World Series of Fighting welterweight title fight with Jake Shields. The Brazilian received multiple warnings from referee Steve Mazzagatti after repeatedly gouging Shields' eyes and raking his fingers across the American's face. Mazzagatti's warnings didn't stop 'Toquinho' from cranking onto Shield's arm and applying extra torque long after the referee intervened.

Following the controversy, UFC fan favorite Joe Lauzon condemned Palhares in a video log, referring the 35-year-old as 'kind of a d**k'.

"He's (Palhares) kind of a d**k," Lauzon said. "He kinda cranks a little bit extra, pretty much every single time he's always cranking hard."

Palhares' antics in the Jake Shields fight are nothing new; the submission specialist was released from the UFC in 2013 following his heel hook victory over Mike Pierce. The Rio de Janeiro local continued to apply the submission after the referee had stepped in, leaving Mike Pierce writhing in agony after tapping out eight times.

Lauzon then went onto provide a statistical analysis of Palhares' submission holds. 'J-Lau' timed the release of his own holds from when the referee intervened and compared them to Rousimar's. After analyzing six submission victories, Lauzon revealed that his average time for releasing a submission hold is 0.199 seconds, while Palhares' average time is 1.074 - that's five times higher than Lauzon's. Many of the opponents in the clips Lauzon provides can be seen suffering in agonising pain after Palhares releases his grip.

Due to the Brazilian's misconduct in the Shield's fight, WSOF vice president Abdel-Aziz is considering stripping the welterweight champion of his title. "If I go back on tape and watch that f**king fight tomorrow, and if I see Palhares held too long, and did the eye poking a couple times, he might be stripped of the title," Aziz said following the controversy. Palhares, however, doesn't think he's done any thing wrong. The submission ace is upset with the criticism and feels he was just protecting himself against Jake Shields.

Check out Lauzon's full breakdown of Palhares here.

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