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McGregor and Faber get their TUF teams for USA vs. Europe

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The teams for the next season of the Ultimate Fighter have been announced. USA vs. Europe is the theme and there are a number of interesting prospects filling out the ranks on both sides.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC is geared up with another big cast of lightweight talent... Well, mostly lightweights. There are a few featherweights and welterweights moving up and down respectively, to fill out the ranks, but you get the idea. Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber are set to captain dueling crews of fighters as they scrap for a place in the UFC over a few short weeks and a few short fights. It's USA vs. Europe and once again, while TUF may not be bringing in the ratings like it used to, the UFC has managed to put together a pretty reasonably talented cast of fighters.

Here are the names, as reported by Fox Sports:

Team USA/Faber

Nat. Name Age Record Nat. Name Age Record
American Julian Erosa 26 14–2 American Johnny Nunes 30 5–1
American Mike Flach 27 7–1 American Billy Quarantillo 26 6–1
American Tom Gallicchio 28 19–8 American Andreas Quintana 24 8–1
American Jason Gonzalez 25 9–2 American Brandon Ricetti 28 7–1
American Chris Gruetzemacher 29 12–1 American Brennan Sevin 30 7–1
American Ryan Hall 30 4–1 American Jason Soares 25 8–0
American James Jenkins 29 8–1 American Austin Springer 28 8–0
American Thanh Le 30 4–1 American Tim Welch 25 12–5

Team Europe/McGregor

Nat. Name Age Record Nat. Name Age Record
French Mehdi Baghdad 30 11–3 Russian Artem Lobov 28 11–10–1 (1 NC)
Dutch Paulo Boer 28 10–1–1 English Saul Rogers 25 10–1
English Sean Carter 30 10–2 German Sascha Sharma 28 8–2
Dutch Djamil Chan 25 11–2 Croatian Vladimir Sikic 25 10–0
Scottish Martin Delaney 36 10–1 Swedish Frantz Slioa 24 4–0
French Thibault Gouti 28 10–0 Swedish Martin Svensson 30 14–5
German Mohamed Grabinski 23 10–1 Swedish David Teymur 25 3–1
Spanish Abner Lloveras 32 19–7–1 Polish Marcin Wrzosek 27 10–2

There are a few immediately recognizable names on here. On the USA side, BJJ grappling ace Ryan Hall immediately jumps off the page, Andreas Quintana has a flashy record, including a TKO win over Yaotzin Meza, Jason Soares has shown himself to be a strong back control specialist, and Gruetzemacher fights out of the MMA Lab and has wins in Strikeforce and WSOF.

On the European side, Wrzosek and Chan have both shown themselves to be pretty strong prospects in the making, and SBG Ireland's Artem Lobov has been lobbying for a shot in the UFC for the past couple years. This should be an interesting season in terms of talent, with a lot of solid records, but not a ton of really young or green fighters. Hopefully the relative experience of the field keeps the fights interesting and competitive.